Can we transform the world in 12 years? New short film for the BBC

Here’s some evidence-based hope in a warming world… Working in collaboration with Tamarack Media, and the Rapid Transition Alliance, we’ve made this short film for the BBC.

Now that climate change is undeniable, some switch to saying that the action necessary to control it is impossible. But they might be surprised to see what people are capable of, even when called to act in much more difficult circumstances than many relatively wealthy countries face today. Can we transform the world in 12 years as the science says we must? Once you see what’s been done before, you might just think that we’ve nothing to lose by trying, and a world to save…




(Photo: Andrew Simms, Climate Strike, London, February 2019)

One thought on “Can we transform the world in 12 years? New short film for the BBC

  • 20th June 2019 at 7:31 pm

    There is NOTHING you have reported that comes anywhere near the MASSIVE changes we will need to make which involve EVERYONE!!! Going to the moon is inspirational but did not involve the public needing to make any change whatsoever in their daily life, and we need EVERYONE to make massive cultural shifts. Our entire economic system is killing us and we are addicted to it with no ability to imagine anything other than continued exploitation in one form or another under capitalism. What silly comparisons you have made… is as if you do not understand the inter-complexity of the problems we are facing…..


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