About Us

The New Weather Institute is a co-op and a think-tank, created to accelerate the rapid transition to a fair economy that thrives within planetary boundaries. We find, design and advocate ways of working and living that are more humane, reasonable and effective.

Our associates work through projects involving debate, thinking, trend-spotting, community, arts and culture.  This means they are:

  • Organising debates and seminars on how to think and do things differently to make rapid transition possible.
  • Publishing books and pamphlets about a future that works to make it more imaginable and achievable.
  • Talking to local government about using scarce resources more democratically and creatively for fair and planet-friendly economic transition.
  • Learning the lessons of history and applying them for successful, contemporary rapid economic and cultural change.
  • Bringing attention to what works, and how and where in the world a more fair and ecological economy is already growing.
  • Working with communities to discover what creates resilience, and about the sort of environment, colours and patterns that give them identity.
  • Talking to businesses and services about re-imagining the human efficiency of involving employees and users.
  • Bringing together organisations and people with experience of doing things more effectively.
  • Helping organisations re-discover the lost arts of using the judgment, honesty and loyalty of staff and customers.

Learn more about our associates by following the links to their biographies: