What will happen when Leave voters see their problems getting worse?

Lindsay Mackie writes:

The vote has happened. And, many millions of people voted to Leave for what they believed were good reasons, from knowledge that they, their families and neighbours and communities, were living precarious lives, subject to economic and social forces and policies over which they have no control. We have to recognise and respect them.

We don’t have to honour and respect the politicians and Press barons who shamelessly played on fears about immigration and ‘faceless bureaucracies’, feeding a diet of toxicity for years. It had an effect. Of course it did. And we must be braced for the even greater resentment Leavers will feel when they realise that the economic agenda behind the Leave campaign only increases their vulnerability, and hand even greater control to unaccountable financial forces and corporations. That will be the lonely vacuum in which a compelling new economic vision can, and needs to grow.

We must now re-group.There are enough of us to fashion a progressive economic agenda, social programme, and environmental response. The ingredients are around us already. Bringing them to light is the mission of New Weather. A better, modern world means Green investment, whole-hearted policies for comprehensive, rapid low carbon transition, training up young people with real skills, setting up a banking system that funds the productive economy, getting rid of pointless, expensive and grandiose false promises, like the Hinckley Point C nuclear plan, and devising a political system which takes more power down to local communities.

It can all be done. And if there is one useful lesson to be drawn by us from today’s horrors, it is that an unlikely cause, with enough furious dedication, can actually work in the end. Brexit has been a long time in the making – we can learn from that.

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