We are all in this together: Vote In

The picture in the window of this small, independent shop keeps the referendum message simple. We may each have different reasons for voting to remain in the EU, and that itself is the point. From the perspective of the New Weather Institute, whether you care about the essential international cooperation needed to tackle era defining challenges like climate change, a wide range of humanitarian issues, or holding financial markets to account and returning the banking system to public purpose, any one issue is enough to warrant being part of a cooperative, international solution. But, together, they make an overwhelming case. As part of the EU we will have greater influence, signal that we are open, not closed, and be part of something better placed to stand up to the creeping power of corporate monopoly. Take away our European role in the world and we will divide the UK and deny its future generations the freedoms and opportunities we have enjoyed. New Weather says Vote In, and it might just bring the sun out.

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