Europe IN 250 Words: Introduction

This week the New Weather Institute kicks off a series of short arguments for staying in Europe. Europe IN 250 Words is written by a variety of different people covering the subjects they care about and are fearful for, if we should vote Brexit.

Our writers will be looking at trade, human rights, environment, parental rights, safeguarding of wildlife, employment and the shape of the world around us and our place, as a small country, in a geo-political world dominated not by us, but by the USA and by other less democratic giants- China and Russia. The excellent Natalie Nougayrede of The Guardian has written a hair raising prediction of our future world if we exit. Find it here.

The pieces we’ll be running are all passionate, well informed and heartfelt. They are also truthful. These qualities mark them out from much of the material being pumped out by some politicians, and by a print media owned by corporations and influenced by right wing billionaire owners – Murdoch, Rothermere and the Barclay brothers – who want unimpeded free range capitalism.

Europe In 250 Words will appear every weekday until 23 June.





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